Here is a list of the topics you can read about on American Perceptionalism…

Exhibit Development Process: Making an exhibit requires collaborating with a wide variety of stakeholders (curators, designers, community representatives and more) on a diversity of activities (from brainstorming topics, to UX design for digital interactives, to fabricating display cases). Explore how museums professionals navigate these relationships and activities.

Virtual Experiences: Museums are experimenting new ways to connect with visitors online and through new technologies. Explore the opportunities and challenges of virtual experiences for museums.

Community Engagement and Co-Creation: The best museums invite visitors to reimagine the institutions with them. Learn how museums are engaging new audiences through innovative programming and changing visitors into insiders.

Diversity and Inclusion: Most museums folks are white, cisgender, and able-bodied. The stories museums tell reflect the lack of diversity among their leadership. See how institutions are trying (and sometimes failing) to become more diverse and inclusive.

Research and Evaluation: The more museums know about their constituents, the better they can serve them. Learn about processes for researching audiences and evaluating exhibits and experiences.

Exhibit Reviews: There are so many incredible (and incredibly awful) exhibits out there. Here are some that made an impression on me…

Chicago Museum Exhibitors Group (CMEG): Chicago is fortunate to have a grassroots organization that provides professional development programming for exhibit folks. See what CMEG is up to!

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