Giving Visitors Control Over Virtual Exhibit Content

Adam Koszary, the social media editor at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, observed, “museums have become used to being masters of their own spaces, but on the internet we need to embrace the fact that we are one voice among many." Virtual exhibits should invite visitors to create new content and share their creations with other visitors. It makes exhibits more engaging and helps visitors connect to the content.

Why I Love the new Exhibit on Charles White

Charles White: A Retrospective is a long overdue examination of the legacy of Charles White, a famous twentieth-century African American painter and teacher. Curated by Sarah Kelly Oehler of the The Art Institute of Chicago and Esther Adler of MoMA, the critically acclaimed exhibit has many strengths. However, the aspect of the exhibit that I found... Continue Reading →

Genderf*cking Catholics at the Met

On a recently visit to New York City for a friend’s wedding, I was able to take a quick pit stop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and see Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. While the exhibit deftly explores many themes (you can read the curator blog about some of them here), there... Continue Reading →

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