What’s a Museum?

On September 9, 2019, The International Council of Museums (ICOM) will vote on whether to adopt a new definition of “museum.” With 40,000 professionals in over 141 countries, ICOM is well positioned to foster a new international consensus on the definition of a museum.

The Activist Museum vs. The Activist

In the past few years, I have observed an increasing number of museums reinvent themselves as activist museums. Activist museums espouse an explicit agenda and offer visitors concrete ways to create social change. While I am heartened by the trend of activist museums, museums still have a long way to go to gain the trust... Continue Reading →

Making Museums Welcoming, Inclusive, Accessible

Have you ever overheard a museum professional make a statement like, “while I know it's important to make sure wheelchair users can get around, the wide aisles really interrupt the flow of the space.” However well-intentioned, statements like these miss the power and importance of making museums welcoming, inclusive, and accessible. At the most recent... Continue Reading →

Why I Love the new Exhibit on Charles White

Charles White: A Retrospective is a long overdue examination of the legacy of Charles White, a famous twentieth-century African American painter and teacher. Curated by Sarah Kelly Oehler of the The Art Institute of Chicago and Esther Adler of MoMA, the critically acclaimed exhibit has many strengths. However, the aspect of the exhibit that I found... Continue Reading →

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