Four Fabulous Blogs about Women and American Museums

Here’s a list of a few great blogs that explore women in U.S. museums.

1. Broad Strokes

Broad Strokes is the blog of the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA). According to the NMWA, “[NMWA] is the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to championing women through the arts.” Broad Strokes does an incredible job of fulfilling this mission! Broad Strokes’ weekly “Art Fix Friday” relates the latest news about female artists and highlights exciting exhibitions around the world that feature female artists. The blog also features NMWA exhibits. It’s currently exploring a number pieces from the exhibit Women House.

2. Women at the Center

Women at the Center is the blog of the Center for Women’s History at the New-York Historical Society (NYHS). The blog, “promotes women’s history through original research, interviews, and guest posts.” The blog’s series “Finding Women in the Archives” tells the stories of some amazing American women who have (not yet) made it into most history textbooks. The blog’s series ‘Teaching Women’s History,” ensures that our children will hear about these amazing women by highlighting and supplementing the NYHS’s new curriculum guide, Women and the American Story.

3. Brown Girls Museum Blog

Amanda and Ravon are two wicked smart women of color who are trying to push cultural institutions to think critically about their relationships to communities of color. Their blog is consists of woke critical essays, professional development tips for women of color working in museums, advice for cultural institutions looking to engage marginalized audiences, and reviews of events and books.

4. Girl Museum blog 

Girl Museum is a small virtual museum dedicated to exploring girlhood. Young girls write the majority of the blog posts for their fellow girls. The blog features personal narratives of girlhood, stories about inspiring girls, and reviews of toys, movies, and books. Best of all, since the museum is virtual, you can also check out Girl Museum’s online exhibits!


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